About the Cowan Family


The Cowan Family has been farming in the Yakima Valley for over 30 years. Originally from North Dakota, David & Susan Cowan traveled out west to find work after college. When they arrived in the valley, they knew it was the place for them! They have been growing their farming operation ever since. They now farm apples, pears, cherries, wine grapes and hops.

David & Susan have two daughters, Tracy and Danelle. Tracy lives north of Seattle, is married and has two little boys. She handles all of the Cowan Estate reservations. Danelle is also married and lives north of Portland, OR. Though all separated, they are a very close family and enjoy working and spending time together for fun or on new projects for the house or business.

About Us

Cowan Estate Vacation House is a family owned and operated business. We work as a family and we want our guests to feel like family! When in season, David likes to bring our guests fruit that is being harvested and is welcome to giving farm tours to guests that are interested. We want our guests to experience all the valley has to offer! 

Cowan Fruit

David’s passion for farming and growing things started in high school while working on a wheat farm in North Dakota.  Fast forward a few years to a relocation to Washington.  While working as a field consultant, he and Susan grabbed the opportunity to buy a 15 acre parcel of land.  This was the beginning of Cowan Fruit.  Apples and cherries were the start to this operation.  Through the years more land and other crops were added, now growing 7 varieties of apples, 2 varieties of pears, 5 varieties of cherries and 7 varieties of wine grapes.  After 23 years of hard work the farm was able to sustain itself without outside jobs.


Cowan Fruit believes in staying true to the land.  We continue to look for new and innovative farming practices with technology, varieties and mechanization.  Crop diversity is the key to managing risk in farming for us.  We are always trying to reduce our trips through the fields, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible and our costs down.


It is very gratifying for us to start the year with basically a clean slate, not knowing what curves Mother Nature is going to send.  We always look forward to getting the crops harvested to help feed the world.  There is nothing more satisfying than being farmers and making a contribution to society.

Cowan Vineyards

The Cowan Family owned and operated Cowan Vineyards from 2003 till the families retirement from the industry in 2015. They were located in the Prosser Wine and Food Park. There was also a second tasting room in Woodinville from 2007 till 2010. While the family really enjoying being a part of the wine industry in the valley, Susan decided it was time to retire to spend more time with her family, grand-kids, have time to relax, and focus on Cowan Estate and the bookkeeping for Cowan Fruit. We currently still have some red wine left for sale if you'd like to grab a case or two before Cowan Vineyards wine is gone for good.